Gospel recording artist

Introducing ANISA, an emerging female gospel sensation with a voice that's both raspy and soulful. Her powerful vocals soar to heavenly heights, delivering messages of faith and inspiration. Get ready to be moved by ANISA.

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Anisa is Trinidadian born, now New York based singer-songwriter who has stepped out of the box of traditional gospel music and has created music from life experiences that we all can relate to. Anisa's focus is the world at large - in the church and more importantly, out of the church. Having experienced failures on every scale, she can effectively relate to issues real people deal with and looks for every opportunity to encourage both the young and old to pick themselves back up and never give up or give in. Her message is "You are not your mistakes.” 

In December of 2014 Anisa released her first single entitled “Your Love”. Its sole purpose is to empower the world to trust Gods love. Anisa says: "If anyone can pick you up, clean you out, give you a fresh start, and call you by a new name, it's Jesus Christ!” She has sung across the country with many gospel artists and even spent a month in Italy as a lead singer and choir director with Elder David Bratton and the Virginia Union Gospel choir in December of 2019. 

In December of 2020 Anisa joined forces with RNU Records, an independent gospel label founded by Joshua Arnoux, a long-standing friend from high school. The two have been unstoppable ever since. Their first two singles together “You Reign” and “Covered” are anthems of Gods goodness & have been traveling around the country ministering to and inspiring people to praise God through every situation. “You Reign” was nominated for the Maranatha Rhema Awards as ‘Best Gospel Praise Song of the Year’ (2021). Along with that nomination, Anisa also received nominations for ‘Female Gospel Artist of the Year’, ‘Outstanding Female Worship Leader’, and ‘Outstanding Motivational Speaker’. Since its release, “Covered” continued to rise on the Billboard Gospel charts and maintained a steady spot in the top 20 category of Billboard’s Gospel Indicator chart for over 30 weeks and held the #2 spot for four of those weeks before the chart closed in 2022. 

On July 15, 2022, Anisa’s first EP with RNU Records entitled “Anisa – The Next Chapter” was released. This EP takes you on a journey of worship and praise and even a bit of biblical teaching that is sure to captivate the listener. Anisa’s latest music is one of the best gospel EPs you’ve never heard…yet!! Her story of resilience after church hurt and a broken marriage has birthed this new chapter that she’s sharing with the world that God is a healer and a restorer. 

2023 is off to an amazing start for this gospel powerhouse. Anisa was recently invited to open for the Celebrity basketball game hosted by Stellar TV and Bear Tag Entertainment this July. She has also received nominations for ‘Contemporary Gospel Artist of the Year’ and ‘Rhythm and Praise Artist of the Year’ for the 8th Annual Avidity Awards set to take place in New Orleans, LA. 

Her latest single, “I Mean Jesus All The Way feat. Dee-1” is the newest anthem released under RNU Records and is expected to be the summer bop everyone has been waiting for. She can be heard on your local gospel station nationwide and Sirius XM worldwide.